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MacNetTools Info, Plans, Bugs & Future Additions


MacNetTools Version 1.2.5 is now released - 4/29/03

The version 1.2.5 update of MNT is now complete and may be downloaded by clicking on the link below. Only one archive is being provided due to the overload condition which resulted on this free website in the past from too many people trying to download all at one time. The good folks at Tripod don't like that and automatically put the site on hold until enough time has passed to alleviate the situation. This is a Stuffit 4.0 archive which can be used with any version of Stuffit (ver 5 and later will automatically convert it to a version 5 archive for you). The archive contains both the PPC and Carbon (OS X) versions of MacNetTools.

This update corrects two small but significant problems pointed out by by users.

You may also be able to find a copy of MNT posted from time to time in the following and other newsgroups.

Screenshots are not really applicable to MNT since it is essentially faceless other than its many preference panels. However some distribution mirrors require a screenshot of some nature so the following example serves that purpose as well as the curiosity of any visitors.

So, what is MacNetTools?

MacNetTools is an internet utility program for Macintosh which provides all of the following features in one versatile, yet easy to use package:

Other programs already exist to do this. How is MacNetTools any better?

What bugs are known to exist in MacNetTools?

As with any program, there are bound to be a few bugs. Anyone who tells you that their program is perfect, just doesn't have their eyes open.

General Program Bugs

OS X Specific Bugs

Other Rare But Possible Bugs To Watch For

What are are your future plans for MacNetTools?

Listed in no particular order.

User Wishlist Items

What are are your excuses? Why isn't it already done?

To begin with, lets face it... I'm slower than Christmas and not about to get any faster with the passage of time. It isn't often that a turtle can be made to move in high gear, but eventually he always gets where he is going. The same applies to me.

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